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Self-study exercise (Encounters in the UK) part 3 vocab

Find the word that most closely matches the underlined word:

1 "Cambridge is a peaceful city. The people here are just lovely; I feel very secure here."
2 "Homestay is when a language student is integrated into an English family."
3 "When I say an English family, that encompasses all different nationalities that have become part of English life."
4 "We all sit at the table and talk about what we've done during the day - perhaps discuss different aspects of English life."
5 "In the beginning I was a little afraid because of the stereotypes of English food."
6 "Being in a British family that's speaking English all the time is completely different to learning it in a classroom. You're picking up that native language."
7 "The worst things are to be too shy or too arrogant. You need to find a balance in between."
8 "You will encounter many different views of life."
9 "They're encouraged to listen a little bit so they can match our speech patterns."
10 "You are not in your country any more and you have to adapt to some situations."

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