Phrasal Verbs Quiz 2

Test your knowledge of phrasal verbs by doing this fun multiple-choice quiz. You can do it online or print it on paper.

1. How are you _______ at the new school? Is it OK?

getting on
getting up
getting in
a) getting on b) getting up c) getting in

2. When do you _______ for the summer holidays?

break in
break up
break out
a) break in b) break up c) break out

3. The police are still _______ the thief.

looking into
looking for
looking through
a) looking into b) looking for c) looking through

4. Just _______ this form and sign it.

fill in
fill up
fill up on
a) fill in b) fill up c) fill up on

5. The doctor said if I _______ sugar I'll lose weight.

cut down on
cut up on
cut off
a) cut down on b) cut up on c) cut off

6. Be quiet! You'll _______ the children!

wake in
wake on
wake up
a) wake in b) wake on c) wake up

7. Most of the shops _______ years ago.

closed out
closed down
closed up
a) closed out b) closed down c) closed up

8. We _______ the lights and TV and went to bed.

switched off
switched over
switched around
a) switched off b) switched over c) switched around

9. I'll try to _______ to see you soon.

drop off
drop out
drop in
a) drop off b) drop out c) drop in

10. It's _______ ! I can see blue sky.

clearing off
clearing up
clearing out
a) clearing off b) clearing up c) clearing out

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