Phrasal Verbs Quiz 1

Test your knowledge of phrasal verbs by doing this fun multiple-choice quiz. You can do it online or print it on paper.

1. That song has already _______ €7 million.

made out
made up
a) made out b) made up c) made

2. You can _______ words in a dictionary.

look after
look up
look up to
a) look after b) look up c) look up to

3. Sorry I'm late. My car _______ petrol.

ran out
ran out of
ran out on
a) ran out b) ran out of c) ran out on

4. Those bright yellow football boots really

stand up
stand down
stand out
a) stand up b) stand down c) stand out

5. Oh no! The building's lift has _______ again!

broken down
broken up
broken in
a) broken down b) broken up c) broken in

6. Our babysitter's really good at _______ our kids.

looking after
looking into
looking down on
a) looking after b) looking into c) looking down on

7. The bus was nearly full so it was difficult to

get in
get on
get up
a) get in b) get on c) get up

8. If the TV isn't loud enough, turn it _______ a little.

a) off b) up c) down

9. Our plane _______ thirty minutes late.

took off
took up
took out
a) took off b) took up c) took out

10. Let's _______ that old box. We don't need it.

throw up
throw in
throw away
a) throw up b) throw in c) throw away

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