Expressions Quiz: Feelings

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests comprehension of common English expressions used when talking about our own or another person's feelings.

Read each sentence and choose the answer with the closest meaning to the words in italics.

1. I promise I'll keep it a secret, so you can rest easy.

sleep peacefully
stop worrying
have a rest
a) sleep peacefully b) stop worrying c) have a rest

2. My cousin told me to keep my chin up while I was on trial.

stay cheerful
stay healthy
stay awake
a) stay cheerful b) stay healthy c) stay awake

3. The sound of wolves howling sent shivers down my spine.

frightened me
froze me
relaxed me
a) frightened me b) froze me c) relaxed me

4. I don't like people who are full of themselves.

too self-aware
too self-conscious
too self-confident
a) too self-aware b) too self-conscious c) too self-confident

5. I wouldn't visit Jenny if I were you. She just left work in a huff.

in a bad mood
in a good mood
in a funny mood
a) in a bad mood b) in a good mood c) in a funny mood

6. Do you think she has the hots for Harry?

is angry with
is attracted to
is jealous of
a) is angry with b) is attracted to c) is jealous of

7. It wasn't your fault, so stop beating yourself up.

hurting yourself
hitting yourself
blaming yourself
a) hurting yourself b) hitting yourself c) blaming yourself

8. When Harvey saw his exam results, he was thrilled to bits.

extremely thrilled
a little bit thrilled
not at all thrilled
a) extremely thrilled b) a little bit thrilled c) not at all thrilled

9. After performing my dive, I waited with bated breath for the judges to give their scores.

with a little impatience
with excited impatience
with relaxed impatience
a) with a little impatience b) with excited impatience c) with relaxed impatience

10. Since losing her job, Maria's been down in the dumps.

a) unoccupied b) unemployed c) unhappy

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Contributor: Matt Errey. Matt is the author of several books including 1000 Phrasal Verbs in Context and Common English Idioms for learners, and Matt's ESL Games and Quizzes for teachers.