Irregular Verbs Quiz 1

This quiz is based on our irregular verbs lesson and our irregular verbs list. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

Choose the correct form of the verb in each sentence:

1. Have you ______________ your lost dog yet?

find found
a) find b) found

2. She spoke too softly. I couldn't ______________ her.

hear heard
a) hear b) heard

3. But we heard everything she ______________ .

say said
a) say b) said

4. We went shopping and I ______________ a new pair of jeans.

buy bought
a) buy b) bought

5. Did you ______________ well last night?

sleep slept
a) sleep b) slept

6. I used to ______________ a lot of money, but I don't make much now.

make made
a) make b) made

7. We were really surprised when we ______________ the game.

win won
a) win b) won

8. We thought we would ______________ for sure.

lose lost
a) lose b) lost

9. Have you ever ______________ a movie star?

meet met
a) meet b) met

10. Mum taught our sisters how to cook, but she didn't ______________ us.

teach taught
a) teach b) taught

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