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Irregular Verbs Quiz 2

This quiz is based on our irregular verbs lesson and our irregular verbs list. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

Choose the correct form of the verb in each sentence:

1. I'm sure we ______________ the parcel last Friday.

send sent
a) send b) sent

2. How did you ______________ when you won the gold medal?

feel felt
a) feel b) felt

3. They couldn't ______________ what she was saying.

understand understood
a) understand b) understood

4. I've always ______________ cats are smarter than dogs.

think thought
a) think b) thought

5. I hated being a lawyer, so I decided to ______________ a teacher.

become became
a) become b) became

6. What's that smell? You didn't ______________ the sausages, did you?

burn burnt
a) burn b) burnt

7. You haven't ______________ all that money already, have you?

spend spent
a) spend b) spent

8. The holes must've been ______________ by our neighbour's dog.

dig dug
a) dig b) dug

9. When did you start to ______________ English?

learn learnt
a) learn b) learnt

10. Luckily I had ______________ my savings in the bank instead of buying shares.

keep kept
a) keep b) kept

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