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Irregular Verbs Quiz 6

This quiz is based on our irregular verbs lesson and our irregular verbs list. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

Choose the correct form of the verb in each sentence:

1. I can't believe they ______________ a guy like that to be president.

chose chosen
a) chose b) chosen

2. We watched as this huge flock of birds ______________ over us.

flew flown
a) flew b) flown

3. You've ______________ the same suit all week, you know.

wore worn
a) wore b) worn

4. Is there anyone else who hasn't ______________ yet?

spoke spoken
a) spoke b) spoken

5. I've ______________ her name. Can you remember what it is?

forgot forgotten
a) forgot b) forgotten

6. I was only gone a minute, and someone ______________ my phone!

took taken
a) took b) taken

7. The movie hasn't already ______________ , has it?

began begun
a) began b) begun

8. My son ______________ five centimetres last year.

grew grown
a) grew b) grown

9. That bike was ______________ in the Olympic Games, you know.

rode ridden
a) rode b) ridden

10. The Titanic hit an iceberg and ______________ .

sank sunk
a) sank b) sunk

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