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Measure Words Quiz 1

This quiz is based on our measure words page. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

Choose the correct measure word for each sentence:

1. I always carry a ______________ of water in my bag.

drop bottle glass
a) drop b) bottle c) glass

2. There's a new ______________ of toilet paper in the bathroom cupboard.

piece bag roll
a) piece b) bag c) roll

3. Can you get a one-litre ______________ of orange juice, please?

carton jar cup
a) carton b) jar c) cup

4. Let's open this ______________ of tuna and make tuna sandwiches.

can box tube
a) can b) box c) tube

5. How many ______________ of wine did we have with dinner?

spoonfuls bowls glasses
a) spoonfuls b) bowls c) glasses

6. There's a ______________ of strawberry jam in the fridge.

slice jar bar
a) slice b) jar c) bar

7. Squeeze the ______________ of toothpaste gently or too much comes out.

box tube bag
a) box b) tube c) bag

8. I wonder how many ______________ of sand there are on this beach.

grains items drops
a) grains b) items c) drops

9. I'll have a ______________ of cereal and some toast, please.

tablespoon piece bowl
a) tablespoon b) piece c) bowl

10. How many ______________ of salt did you put in the soup?

teaspoons grains boxes
a) teaspoons b) grains c) boxes

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