Measure Words Quiz 2

This quiz is based on our measure words page. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

Choose the correct measure word for each sentence:

1. How many ______________ of cheese should I cut?

items cans slices
a) items b) cans c) slices

2. Can I offer you a ______________ of advice?

piece grain drop
a) piece b) grain c) drop

3. I always have a ______________ of tea with breakfast.

box jar cup
a) box b) jar c) cup

4. We give second-hand ______________ of clothing to homeless people.

bags items cartons
a) bags b) items c) cartons

5. Firstly, melt two ______________ of butter in a frying pan.

tablespoons bowls tubes
a) tablespoons b) bowls c) tubes

6. There's a ______________ of blood on your shirt.

piece drop grain
a) piece b) drop c) grain

7. I'll get a ______________ of matches from the store.

box can carton
a) box b) can c) carton

8. This ______________ of flour's nearly empty.

bottle bag roll
a) bottle b) bag c) roll

9. The spare ______________ of soap are in the cupboard.

bars pieces items
a) bars b) pieces c) items

10. She likes it sweet, so put two ______________ of sugar in her tea.

jars slices spoonfuls
a) jars b) slices c) spoonfuls

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