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Multiple Choice

This 10-question quiz is based on the Multiple Choice category in the WORD UP ESL board game. The questions test English vocabulary and grammar as well as general knowledge.

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

1. Which is a country?

a) Alaska b) Greenland c) Iceland

2. How should using toiletries make you smell?

like a toilet
a) smellier b) fresher c) like a toilet

3. Which cannot be downloaded?

a vinyl LP
a sound file
a mixtape
a) a vinyl LP b) a sound file c) a mixtape

4. What type of word is "quickly"?

an adjective
an adverb
a preposition
a) an adjective b) an adverb c) a preposition

5. What do trees release into the atmosphere?

carbon dioxide
a) leaves b) carbon dioxide c) oxygen

6. What does our planet orbit?

the sun
the moon
the solar system
a) the sun b) the moon c) the solar system

7. Which comes first in a passive sentence?

the subject
the verb
the object
a) the subject b) the verb c) the object

8. Which can be worn "inside out"?

a pair of shoes
a pair of socks
a pair of headphones
a) a pair of shoes b) a pair of socks c) a pair of headphones

9. Complete the idiom: I see my cousins once in a

blue moon
new moon
yellow moon
a) blue moon b) new moon c) yellow moon

10. In which country was the pizza invented?

the USA
a) Spain b) Italy c) the USA

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