Quiz for Director's Statement on Divided Kingdom

Answer these questions after reading Marcus Essberger On Making Divided Kingdom.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. Marcus’s thoughts about prejudice and racism in a local school gave him the a) idea b) title c) actors for Divided Kingdom.
2. According to Marcus, the most difficult aspect of creating the film was the a) funding b) actors c) writing.
3. Most of the actors for the film were found through a) posters b) teachers c) Internet.
4. At first Marcus wasn’t sure that Jack Goddard was right for the role of Jason because he didn't a) have racist views b) look old enough c) perform well.
5. Which aspect of the project did Marcus find the most enjoyable? a) writing b) directing c) editing
6. Which was one of the pre-production tasks? a) writing b) filming c) editing
7. How many rough edits did Marcus and Samuel create?  a) one b) two c) more
8. How many final cuts did they make?  a) one b) two c) three
9. Making Divided Kingdom taught Marcus that to overcome setbacks, filmmakers need to a) be creative b) change dates c) suffer a lot.
10. Marcus wants to make another film one day because he enjoys a) money b) creativity c) suffering.