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Frankenstein Body Parts song

Learn parts of the body in English as the fiendish Frankenstein collects them to create a living human being. With subtitles and lyrics.

Frankenstein Body Parts LYRICS

I've got some hair, a scalp
forehead and brain 
a face, eyes
nose and lips
a mouth and teeth
tongue and cheeks
a throat, a chin
jaw and neck

Lots to collect
I haven't really started yet 

My name is Frankenstein

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Here we go...

rib cage and chest
stomach and waist
heart and lungs
back and spine

I'll be collecting for some time

leg, thigh
knee and shin 
a calf, an ankle
foot and toe

I'm Frankenstein
And this is how my song goes

arm, shoulder
elbow and wrist
hand, fingers
thumb and fist

Is there something I've missed?

Ah yes, some more inside.

liver, kidneys, intestines and bladder 
a pancreas
and bones that clatter 
and anything else that may matter

And I hear you're selling a very good soul
So I'll come and see you around suppertime

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Contributor: Jonathan Taylor