Quiz for Director's Statement on The Ghosts

Answer these questions after reading Anthony Essberger on Making The Ghosts.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. Before making his film, Anthony knew that it had to be a) around b) no shorter than c) no longer than 15 minutes.
2. After thinking about his options, Anthony decided to base his film on a) an animation b) a short story c) a script.
3. At first Anthony was attracted to Lord Dunsany’s The Ghosts because of the author’s a) writing skill b) drawing skill c) paragraphing.
4. Storyboarding allowed Anthony to see on paper things that he had already a) minded b) animated c) visualised.
5. Anthony used Adobe Flash software to create a) a few effects b) most effects c) the whole film.
6. Keeping the quality of the animation up to the standard he wanted took Anthony a) more time b) more effects c) more frames than expected.
7. Which character did Anthony’s father Josef voice? a) younger brother b) older brother c) Lord Dunsany
8. Anthony had originally planned his film to end with the younger brother a) being alive b) being dead c) dreaming.
9. If he'd created the ending he'd planned to, viewers would have realised that the gunshot a) missed its target b) wounded the dog c) was in a dream.
10. Anthony hopes that one day he’ll be able to remake the a) film's ending b) whole film c) short story.

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