Conversation Worksheets about The Environment

The ESL Worksheets and teacher's notes on this page are in PDF format. You are free to download, print and photocopy them unmodified for classroom use.

PDF iconBiofuels | Teacher's Notes
A very topical subject for your students to get their teeth into. Relevant vocabulary is introduced, explained and practised through carefully tailored exercises, enabling students to consolidate their understanding of words associated with the topic. A gap-fill activity provides the opportunity for students to practise forming questions with the new vocabulary and to start a topic-related conversation.

PDF iconLet it Snow! | Teacher's Notes
Conversation questions (e.g. "Why do you think so many people, especially children, enjoy the snow?") encourage students to express their opinions and thereby promote fluency. Vocabulary is practised in the form of a gap-fill for words built from the base word "snow".

PDF iconWatch this Space! | Teacher's Notes
A worksheet about Space which kicks off with a fun quiz and stimulates conversation and fluency practice with a range of discussion questions (e.g. "What do you think we can learn from space exploration?")

PDF iconNatural Disasters: Earthquakes & Tsunamis | Teacher's Notes
An informative and interesting lesson which takes a look at topic-related vocabulary and encourages students to discuss definitions together before moving on to associated collocations which are practised through a gap-fill exercise.

PDF iconEnergy: Electricity | Teacher's Notes
A fluency-based lesson which centres around stimulating discussion questions such as "Do you think we should build more nuclear power stations to generate more electricity? Why/not?"

PDF iconWhat's in the Wind? | Teacher's Notes
With hurricane predictions at an all-time high this year the theme of this worksheet couldn't be more relevant. Moving from topic-related vocabulary to popular "wind" idioms and phrases, this worksheet will catch your students' attention. Fluency is practised through discussion questions which are both topic-related and personalised, such as: "Do you know anyone who is a windbag?"

PDF iconInternational Communication | Teacher's Notes
An interesting and informative worksheet about English, Esperanto, etc. Contains stimulating conversation questions to promote fluency (e.g. "How different would life be if we all spoke the same language?")