Conversation Worksheets about Festivals

The ESL Worksheets and teacher's notes on this page are in PDF format. You are free to download, print and photocopy them unmodified for classroom use.

PDF iconHolidays Are a Waste of Time! | Teacher's Notes
A fun worksheet which includes matching topic-related jokes to their punchlines and personalised questions to encourage fluency (e.g. "How restful are your holidays?").

PDF iconParty Time! | Teacher's Notes
A fun lesson which ties in neatly with the festive season, though it can be used at any time of the year: Party Time! Vocabulary is practised in a gap-fill exercise based on the different meanings of phrases containing the word "party". Students are given the chance to practise their fluency through personalized conversation questions such as: "Do you enjoy going to parties? Are you a party animal or a party pooper?"

PDF iconPresents | Teacher's Notes
A great lesson to use around Christmas time. Conversation questions designed to get your students talking will generate lively seasonal discussion and encourage fluency. E.g. "What is the silliest present you have ever received or been given?"

PDF iconIs Halloween harmful? | Teacher's Notes
A fun lesson which encourages students to improve their fluency. This lesson centres around discussion questions such as "Do you believe in ghosts and witches? Why/not?", before leading on to a vocabulary mix-and-match exercise on topic-related lexis.

PDF iconThe Olympic Games | Teacher's Notes
A must for all sports fans! This worksheet promotes fluency through a set of thought-provoking discussion questions (e.g. "Do you think it can ever be acceptable to take drugs or medicines during a sports competition such as the Olympics?")

PDF iconChristmas - a global phenomenon? | Teacher's Notes
A thought-provoking set of discussion questions about major religious festivals in the world in general and Christmas in particular. Designed to develop fluency (e.g. "When you think of Christmas, who do you think of first - Father Christmas or Jesus Christ? Why?").