Conversation Worksheets about Learning

The ESL Worksheets and teacher's notes on this page are in PDF format. You are free to download, print and photocopy them unmodified for classroom use.

PDF iconReading in English is a Waste of Time! | Teacher's Notes
A worksheet designed to motivate students to maintain their level of English by reading in English. Ranging from topic-related vocabulary to popular "book" idioms and phrases, this worksheet can spark your students' interest. Fluency is practised through discussion questions which are both topic-related and personalised, such as: "Which books have had the biggest impact on you?"

PDF iconLearner Motivation | Teacher's Notes
Plenty of activities to help students examine their own sources of motivation coupled with thought-provoking questions to encourage fluency, (e.g. "How do you motivate people to do things for you?")

PDF iconTaboo or Not Taboo? (That is the f**king question!) | Teacher's Notes
A fun worksheet which takes a look at common swear words in the English language. A vocabulary mix-and-match exercise is followed by stimulating conversation questions to develop fluency. E.g. "Why do students often find it easy to remember taboo words in English?"

PDF iconHow do you Learn Best? | Teacher's Notes
An absorbing worksheet about Multiple Intelligences and learning styles. A true-or-false questionnaire leads into a fluency activity in the form of questions for discussion. This one is bound to get your students talking!

PDF iconForget It! | Teacher's Notes
A great worksheet for those students who are fed up with endless course-book based lessons about the memory and techniques to improve it: this worksheet is all about forgetting! Refreshingly different discussion questions such as "Can memory loss ever be a good thing?" give students ample opportunity to develop their fluency.

PDF iconStudying Punctuation is a Waste of Time | Teacher's Notes
Conversation questions (e.g. "What difficulties might people have if punctuation were abolished?") develop fluency. Then there is a challenging error-correction exercise where students work to correct the punctuation mistakes in the sentences.

PDF iconAre Exams a Waste of Time? | Teacher's Notes
A great worksheet to use around exam time! It practises vocabulary with a gap-fill for topic-related words and phrases, and promotes fluency with discussion questions such as "Do you think exams which are taken in one country should be valid all over the world (e.g. English exams, driving tests, etc?)".

PDF iconStudying Pronunciation is a Waste of Time | Teacher's Notes
Pronunciation is rarely a student's favourite part of learning English but luckily this worksheet can help them to understand its importance. The lesson is designed to encourage fluency and is based around a personalised true-or-false questionnaire which students use to generate conversation with their partner.