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Conversation Worksheets about Lifestyle

The ESL Worksheets and teacher's notes on this page are in PDF format. You are free to download, print and photocopy them unmodified for classroom use.

PDF iconAdventure | Teacher's Notes
An unusual and stimulating topic for discussion which could bring out the spirit of adventure in your students! Two vocabulary exercises encourage students to deepen their understanding of words associated with the topic. Challenging discussion questions such as: "What can we learn about ourselves when we take risks in life?" encourage students to practise their fluency.

PDF iconAll Change! | Teacher's Notes
A stimulating lesson which coincides with the start of the new year. Vocabulary is practised with a gap-fill exercise which introduces the students to some idiomatic phrases containing the word "change". Students are given the chance to practise their fluency through personalized conversation questions such as: "Do you like change or do you prefer things to stay the same?" and "Have you ever been short-changed?"

PDF iconStress | Teacher's Notes
A worksheet designed to get students talking - everyone will have something to say about this topic! The students' vocabulary range is extended by focusing on the various meanings and uses of the word "stress" in a variety of contexts. Learners are also encouraged to exercise their fluency through stimulating discussion questions such as: "Do you think life is more stressful now than in the past?"

PDF iconMagic | Teacher's Notes
A light-hearted lesson on a perennially popular topic. Activities include lots of useful themed vocabulary as well as common topic-related idioms. Students are encouraged to exercise their fluency through both general and personalised conversation questions such as: "Why are magic stories so popular with children?" And, "What was your favourite magic story as a child, and why?"

PDF iconColour | Teacher's Notes
Always a popular topic for discussion amongst students. This worksheet opens with a discussion about topic-related vocabulary before moving on to making common collocations and completing a gap-fill exercise. Personalised conversation questions (e.g. "What colours suit you?") will encourage fluency and lead to lively discussion.

PDF iconSecrets of Success | Teacher's Notes
A fluency-based lesson which starts off with a discussion of various topic-related quotations before moving on to the conversation questions. E.g. "Which is more important to you - success or happiness?"

PDF iconArt | Teacher's Notes
You don't need to know anything about art, or even to like it, in order to do this lesson. Everyone has an opinion about art whatever their feelings on the subject! In this lesson there is a fun topic-based quiz followed by a fluency-generating discussion activity involving personalised questions such as "Have you got any pictures on your walls at home? If so, did you choose them? Why/not?"

PDF iconDreams | Teacher's Notes
A very popular topic with students of all ages. This lesson begins with a fun general knowledge true-or-false quiz then encourages fluency through personalised discussion questions (e.g. "Can you remember your dreams?")