Conversation Worksheets about Politics

The ESL Worksheets and teacher's notes on this page are in PDF format. You are free to download, print and photocopy them unmodified for classroom use.

PDF iconGlobalisation | Teacher's Notes
This worksheet is designed to generate discussion around one of today's hottest topics whilst also giving students the opportunity to practice topic-related "world" vocabulary and idioms (such as "to be in a world of one's own"). Fluency is promoted through controversial discussion questions such as "Who do you think benefits most from globalisation?"

PDF iconEnergy: Nuclear Power | Teacher's Notes
An informative and thought-provoking worksheet about all things nuclear - from nuclear power to nuclear weapons. Vocabulary is practised through a brainstorming activity followed by a mix-and-match exercise. Fluency is developed through lively discussion questions such as "Is it fair that some countries have nuclear weapons and some countries are not permitted to?"

PDF iconIt's on the Cards | Teacher's Notes
A lesson about identity cards. Associated vocabulary is practised in a gap-fill exercise. Stimulating discussion questions develop fluency (e.g. "In what ways are identity cards a good idea?").

PDF iconTo Work or Not to Work? | Teacher's Notes
Another great lesson for encouraging fluency. Conversation questions like "Who should be responsible for finding new jobs for the unemployed - the government or the individual?" are bound to get your students talking!

PDF iconLive and Let Die | Teacher's Notes
This lesson deals with the gritty topic of euthanasia, so not a worksheet to use with a new group or students you don't know very well. Words deriving from the root word "die" are practised in a vocabulary exercise. A gap-fill exercise for associated phrases will get students thinking and the discussion questions will encourage fluency. E.g. "Do you believe in euthanasia?"

PDF iconGoing Great Guns | Teacher's Notes
A topical worksheet on a stimulating theme: our attitude to guns. This lesson includes vocabulary in the form of common idioms and phrases with the word "gun". Fluency is practised through thought-provoking discussion questions such as. "To what extent do you think the film and music industries glorify guns?"

PDF iconMake War not Love? | Teacher's Notes
This engaging worksheet contains a mix-and-match vocabulary exercise of topic-related words which students can then practise as they practise their fluency by answering the stimulating discussion questions (e.g. "Can you think of anything you would be prepared to kill or die for?").