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  • Expressions of Quantity - Students insert the appropriate expression of quantity: I have a few onions, I don't have much salt.
  • Regular/Irregular Verbs - Sort the following verbs into regular and irregular. (Some verbs may be both.)


  • Mixed-tense Questions - Variety of questions in different tenses. Good oral drill where Teacher fires questions at group or individual and requires rapid and correct responses. Can also be used for pair work.
  • Question Tags - Students add the tag (You like coffee, ___ ___ ?).
  • Terminology - Students write a sentence for each part of speech, underlining the particular grammatical item.
  • Use(d) to - Students sort Used To Do, Used To Doing and Get Used To into three groups and explain the difference between each group.
  • Verbs & Tenses - Students write an example sentence for each grammatical term, underlining the particular structure.
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