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ESL Worksheets - Lessons from Romania

Lessons from RomaniaThe EnglishClub video Lessons from Romania asks the central question "Why do young Romanians speak English so well?" and features the importance of self-motivation and interactivity in language learning.

Filmed in Bucharest. As largely self-taught Romanian teacher Alecs Ripeanu says: "Do what you like, and if you like learning English do it for the sake of it."

The Student Worksheet above consists of six activities to be done before, during and after the video. You can choose to do some or all of the activities. If you do all activities, you may wish to split them over two lessons. The Teacher's Notes give detailed guidance and answers.

The Optional Quiz is printable direct from the webpage and includes answers for the teacher (which will be stripped out when printed).

The Video can be viewed online at:

or downloaded to your computer at:

Lessons from Romania is an production directed by Daniel Emmerson.