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Teacher's Notes: These are the answers to the Pronouncing -ed Worksheet for your own use or to hand out to your students. If you print this page or save as PDF, these notes and all headers and footers will be stripped out.

Pronouncing -ed (Answers)

1 started [Id]
2 needed [Id]
3 reached [t]
4 regarded [Id]
5 decided [Id]
6 propped [t]
7 locked [t]
8 realized [d]
9 noticed [t]
10 bolted [Id]
11 descended [Id]
12 glanced [t]
13 looked [t]
14 renovated [Id]
15 closed [d]
16 discovered [d]
17 examined [d]
18 painted [Id]
19 permitted [Id]
20 pulled [d]

Reading practice: When Bond arrived[d] at the renovated[Id] Château, darkness had descended[Id]. He examined[d] the shadowy building. Its ground-floor windows were closed[d] and shuttered[d]. He glanced[t] at his watch. He concluded[Id] that there was no time to lose and decided[Id] to enter. He tried[d] the gold-leafed[t] front door but it was locked[t], barred[d] and bolted[Id]. He realized[d] he needed[Id] a ladder. He looked[t] around and noticed[t] one on the grass. Noiselessly, he propped[t] it up against the freshly-painted[Id] balcony and started[Id] to climb. He had nearly reached[t] the top when he spotted[Id] headlights approaching. A large car pulled[d] in through the gate. By the time it arrived[d] at the door, Bond had already jumped[t] through the balcony window and discovered[d] the cause of his anxiety.

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