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Teacher or pair student asks student to pose various WH- questions.

WH- Question Practice

Example - A: Ask me what my name is. B: What is your name?

  1. what my name is.
  2. my nationality.
  3. where I live.
  4. how long I have lived there.
  5. how much a packet of cigarettes costs.
  6. where to buy sugar.
  7. where to find a cash dispenser.
  8. how big the room is.
  9. how many legs the table has.
  10. what the time is.
  11. where the whiteboard is.
  12. if I am well.
  13. how I am.
  14. if the post has arrived yet.
  15. what the film was like.
  16. what a crocodile looks like.
  17. what Mary's address is.
  18. how big Paris is.
  19. how many people there are in London.
  20. what my favourite film is.
  21. what to do next.
  22. when to leave to catch the bus.
  23. how much money you will need.
  24. how many people there are in the room.
  25. how many cups of coffee I have each day.
  26. how long the room is.
  27. how wide the room is.
  28. how high the ceiling is.
  29. what the size of the room is.
  30. where I bought my socks.
  31. why I am not wearing a hat.
  32. why I can't speak Russian.
  33. what "ameliorate" means.
  34. how much money I can lend you.
  35. when I arrived at school.
  36. what I saw at the cinema last night.
  37. whether the film was good.
  38. who my favourite film star is.
  39. when Winston Churchill was born.
  40. whether I like swimming.
  41. whether I would like to go swimming now.
  42. whether I am going on holiday this summer.
  43. whether I have ever been abroad.
  44. if I will lend you $100.
  45. how to spell the word "irresistible".