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Note that country names are proper nouns and are capitalized. Adjectives formed from country names are also capitalized:

adjective: Brazilian
example: I like Brazilian food.

Brazil information

Full name:Federative Republic of Brazil
Population:over 195,000,000
Official language:Portuguese
Main religions:Christian
Currency:real (BRL)
Internet country
Telephone country code:+55
Continent:South America

Brazil Video

Thoughts from Brazil (from the Learning English Video Project)
Thoughts from Brazil looks at modern trends in learning English, especially for children and teens. This instalment will be of particular interest to all those who long for a learning experience that is more interactive and communicative. Teens and young adults will find new ideas for combining personal interests such as music, gaming and social media with self-study. As Daniel Emmerson talks to learners and teachers of English in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he discovers that many of them have found for themselves the principle of learning by doing and have readily adapted it to the Internet era.

Map of Brazil

Map of Brazil