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Flag of China

China Video   Map of China

China information

Full name:People's Republic of China
Population:over 1,350,000,000
Official language:Mandarin Chinese
Main religions:Confucian, Taoist, Buddhist, Christian, Sunni Muslim
Currency:yuan (CNY) ~ also referred to as the renminbi (RMB
Internet country
Telephone country code:+86
Note that country names are proper nouns and are capitalized. Adjectives formed from country names are also capitalized:

country: China
adjective: Chinese
example: I like Chinese food.

China Video

Insights from China (from the Learning English Video Project)
Based in the busy, cosmopolitan city of Shanghai, Daniel Emmerson's film Insights from China takes us inside the worlds of English language learning and teaching and the airline industry in China. Insights from China focuses largely on the staff and management of a Chinese airline company that has recently committed to learning English. Spring Airlines is the first low-cost airline in China. Determined to become a successful international airline, the company has insisted that all of its workers learn to speak fluent English. The CEO of Spring Airlines, Zhang Xiuzhi, has set the bar high. She began learning English "from scratch" 18 months prior to her interview for this film. Like the majority of other language learners, the main stumbling block for the CEO is finding enough time to study. Zhang takes English homework to bed at night and even studies in her car.

Map of China

Map of China