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With web tools such as Skype, wikis and instant messaging, online learning is growing ever more popular and accessible. Online courses are available for college, university and high school credits, as well as for work-related training, upgrading and special skills like language learning. The increased availability of online study for English language learning and teaching has made it possible for students to connect and learn in a convenient and efficient way.

The Internet also allows students to focus on the type and style of learning they want and need. While human interactions can never be entirely replaced by computers, online learning communities remove a number of restrictions that learners once faced. Whether you need courses for learning or teaching English, our online listings can help you find a suitable match.

Good Reasons to Study Online

  • stay up-to-date with modern technology
  • study from new and regularly updated materials rather than outdated textbooks
  • fit studying into your work schedule
  • participate without anxiety
  • arrange studying around your family or social schedule
  • meet people from all over the world
  • study from your own home
  • improve your computer and typing skills

Limits to Cyber Classes

  • your question may not be answered right away
  • you have to do your research to avoid scams
  • you may need to upgrade your computer and Internet service
  • computers can sometimes break down
  • communication may be misunderstood without gestures and facial emotions
  • more self discipline is required