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TEFL Courses Online

Taking a TEFL course online is a popular alternative to classroom-based instruction. This is especially true for teachers who plan to teach English online or for those who are currently in a country where TEFL courses do not exist. Sorting through all of the options can be a daunting task, especially for those unfamiliar with the TEFL industry. EnglishClub's TEFL course listings offer a starting point for teachers looking to begin or advance their career. Use this resource in combination with our teacher forums and articles to find a course that is right for you.

EBC Accredited Online TESOL TEFL Certificate - Spain

EBC accredited online TESOL TEFL course. Internationally accepted TESOL TEFL certificate course. Teach English throughout the world. Includes lifetime, world-wide job placement, + more.

Horizon Recruitment - China

Horizon Recruitment has established a partnership which allows us to extend our service to our teachers even further. We now offer an internationally recognised 100hr Online TEFL Certificate.

International TEFL Institute - England, UK

The International TEFL Institute offers internationally recognized & accepted online TEFL courses.

TEFL Training College - England, UK

The TEFL Training College offers TEFL/TESOL courses via online learning - Certificate Course (150 hrs.) & Master Diploma Course (300 hrs.). - USA

Get TEFL certified online at your own pace with, a product of BridgeTEFL!


THE TESOL COLLEGE specialises in high value TESOl TEFL courses based on our experience of teaching English and training teachers in Asia. Our courses are available both online and through partner schools.