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Flag of Spain

Spain Video   Map of Spain

Spain information

Full name:Kingdom of Spain
Population:over 45,000,000
Official language:Spanish
Main religions:Christian
Currency:euro (EUR)
Internet country
Telephone country code:+34
Note that country names are proper nouns and are capitalized. Adjectives formed from country names are also capitalized:

country: Spain
adjective: Spanish
example: I like Spanish food.

Spain Video

Conversations in Spain (from the Learning English Video Project)
This film starts with a school director whose British father opened the first English language school in Granada in 1954. In this candid interview, the director explains why the first students were predominantly women. The second conversation features an Italian architect visiting Madrid on business. This advanced English learner shares his English learning journey, and reassures other learners that "nobody's there to judge you or to make fun of you if you make a mess." The film wraps up with a conversation with a native Spanish resident of Madrid who teaches English. She sheds light on the structure-based English education system in Spain and expresses her frustration that 13 years studying English does not qualify her as an "expert".

Map of Spain

Map of Spain