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Flag of UK

UK Video   Map of UK

UK information

Full name:United Kingdom
(United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland)
Population:over 60,000,000
Official language:English
Main religions:Christian, Muslim
Currency:British pound (GBP)
Internet country
Telephone country code:+44
Note that country names are proper nouns and are capitalized. Adjectives formed from country names are also capitalized:

country: UK
adjective: British
example: I like British food.

UK Video

Encounters in the UK (from the Learning English Video Project)
Encounters in the UK is the 7th and final film in this documentary mini-series. It tells the story of four girls from different countries who travel to Cambridge in England to study English and stay with local families in what is called a "homestay" arrangement. In the film, we also meet several of the host families as well as a consultant who helps match homestay students to families. For the four girls the homestay arrangement is a positive experience. As one of the homestay hosts explains: "It's going to be a great experience, not only in terms of learning English, but in learning about life."

Map of UK

Map of UK