London Language Institute

Location: 183 Central Ave suitev 101, London, Ontario, N6A-1M6, Canada

LLI specializes in preparing students for entrance into University and College. LLI offers full time ESL, iBT TOEFL, IELTS, Business programs, Vacation Programs and academic prep.

LLI is located in the beautiful City of London. London is close to Toronto and Niagara Falls. London is Canada's tenth largest City and boasts outstanding post secondary institutions such as The University of Western Ontario and Fashawe College. Many of our students successfully complete our ESL program and enter into these institutions.

LLI has been offering ESL and associated courses for the past 12 years. We are very proud to have an award winning program with 10 ESL levels so we can assist any student no matter what their level of English proficiency. LLI will assist students with all their travel and living needs here in Canada.

Our curriculum focuses on practical learning and conversation. We believe usage is the best way to learn! Please contact us for additional information.

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