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Vancouver's Best ESL School

Location: 250 Smithe Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 1E7, Canada
Phone: 604-715-9402
Same courses taught in any other ESL school. Our tuition fees are much lower and our teachers focus on having fun with learning a new language. You've already made the choice of moving abroad to learn English. Let us make it a time you'll never forget.

Vancouver's Best ESL School offers the same courses found in most ESL institutions. Unlike the other schools VBES has a different philosophy in creating the most entertaining and fun experience possible, learning another language. Our teachers are carefully screened and are energetic and funny. Some paperwork is required but much of the learning comes from creating and performing skits with different themes and group interaction. Special performers are brought in to entertain and help teach a certain lesson.

Our program is 29 hours per week and each semester is 8 weeks.

Per Semester...................$225.00 per week ($1800.00)
Half Semester..................$250.00 per week ($1000.00)
Enrollment Fee.................$100.00

You have already made the difficult choice to learn English in Vancouver. Let us help make that decision a good one. We guarantee that you will learn more and have the best time at Vancouver's Best ESL School!
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