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Kaplan International College in Dublin

Location: The Presbytery Building, 7 Exchange Street Lower Temple Bar, Dublin, Dublin, Dublin 8, N.Ireland, UK
Phone: +353 (0) 1672 7122
Established in 1967, Kaplan International Colleges offer over 40 quality, accredited English schools across the world including one in Dublin in a great location. Choose from a wide variety of courses and accommodation options.

With almost 50 English schools in eight countries, Kaplan International is a world leader in English education and has been teaching English as a foreign language to students and professionals since 1967.

Our English school in Dublin, Ireland

* Study English in our beautiful Georgian school building
* Our English school is located in the exciting Temple Bar district
* Learn English with qualified, experienced and friendly teachers
* Kaplan Aspect Dublin is a member of MEI/RELSA
* Our English school is recognized by ACELS (Department of Education and Science)

English courses in Dublin, Ireland

* Vacation courses
* General English courses
* Intensive English courses
* Business English course
* IELTS and Cambridge Exam preparation courses
* Work and Study program
* DublinIntensive English Academic Year and Semester

Accommodation options in Dublin, Ireland

* Homestay
* Student residences
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