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International Learning Centre

Location: Ayacucho 1045, Chachapoyas , Peru , PERU, Peru
Phone: 041 478883
We are the International Language Centre based in Chachapoyas, Peru.

ILC Chachapoyas is small private language institute in Amazonas, in the north eastern Andean sierra of Peru. We teach a variety of European languages to local people in Amazonas. We hire foreign staff as volunteers to teach English, French, Italian, Portguese and German, and we also teach Spanish.

School information:

Class sizes : 4 - 12 students per class

Class duration : 1.5 hours per class, generally but not exclusively in the evenings, between 5 and 10pm.

Materials : All student books, workbooks, CDs, marking rubrics and teacher materials are provided.

However, we also offer foreign language karaoke, weekend conversation clubs, reading materials, computer access, interactive CD ROMs with a variety of learning games, 3rd language taster classes, self study materials for pronunciation and listening, a school football team, and show foreign language movies on a regular basis.
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