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The Teachers' Cooperative (TTC)

Location: 92 Panfilov St., 6th Fl. #48, Almaty, Almaty Oblast, 050000, Kazakhstan

Phone: +7 (727) 273-2693 /

TTC is a private English language school that has been operating since 2005. I teach all levels from lower-intermediate to advanced, as well as TOEFL, IELTS, business English, and writing. Furthermore, I have a library open to all my students, past and pr

A Message to Potential Students:
I really like what I do, and believe that I am bringing value to Kazakhstan, the U.S. and the world through helping my students realize their dreams by giving them the most important tool they could have - English. I think that as globalization continues, English will be the most important general skill anyone can have. There are many stories of people who have had really good English language skills getting positions that others who were more qualified in their specialization did not. We live in a world of communication, where the ability to get an idea across to others is the key to success. Many people throughout history have had thoughts of genius, but their inability to sway others to their opinions resulted in their failure. My job is to ensure that my students are able to demonstrate their knowledge and intelligence in the most important medium ever known to mankind, the English language. Allow me to be your guide in this.

The only person who can help you is yourself. A teacher is only a guide in the journey of achieving your goals. To this end, I specialize in assisting students who want to go abroad for study or work, as well as those who either work at foreign companies operating in Kazakhstan or wish to do so. In general, I am not the teacher for you if you simply wish to study the English language recreationally, or need it only on a limited basis in your work for a local Kazakhstani company. Indeed, my website is purely in English as a sort of test for students who are ready to study with me, since only those with a level of lower-intermediate and above will be able to understand it. I want to work just with students who are driven to excel.

I desire to be a gateway for you to find opportunity in the international arena, particularly because Kazakhstan does not offer enough chances for those who want to succeed on their merit alone. This is especially true for those in the sciences, which is the area of study I admire most. Additionally, I also have a great deal of knowledge in the spheres of business and journalism, having worked in both areas myself. Furthermore, as I spent over three years working for an economist, and another three collecting data for an American company that produces worldwide CPIs, I believe that I have quite a bit of knowledge in economics as well. I also like to think that each of my students can, if necessary, work teaching English, as many have done in order to earn extra money while they were abroad. In order to learn more about me, please see my résumé in the “All about Bryce” section of my site.

As I am a serious teacher, I expect my students to be focused too. Therefore, if I assign homework, then students must punctually complete it. They should not miss too much class, and make up any classes that they do not attend. In the case of individual students, those who cancel too many classes will be fired. I know it sounds harsh to talk about dropping students in such a blatant manner, but time is money. As I only get paid when students attend regularly, if I am to continue offering low prices that are affordable to the middle class (my target market), I must maintain stability. Please review the Standard Agreement in the “Downloads” section of mt site, which governs the relationship between us. The Standard Agreement is implied by virtue of this notification; however, I encourage students to sign it, as it demonstrates a true commitment to your studies.

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