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Academia Language and Review Center

Location: Unit 2404 Atlanta Centre, 31 Annapolis Street, San Juan City, Metro Manila, 1503, Philippines

Academia Language and Review Center (ALRC) is the perfect place to study Language and Academic courses. We take pride of our innovative and state-of-the art classware developed by the Cambridge University Press.

Our main goal is to provide our students a real-world experience and promote real- world connections and cross- cultural understanding through high quality education in today’s competitive world of academic and professional life. ALRC offers one-on-one classes for our students. We believe that one-on-one classes will help students progress immediately because each class is designed based on their needs.

Academia is an authorized British Council IELTS Registration Center and a Tier 3 status member of the British Council IELTS Test Partnership Program 2016- 2018.

Customizable/ personalized program
– Our kind and friendly and globally competent staff and faculty members will provide pre-course counselling, on choosing the most appropriate program for your needs and objectives (academic, professional or personal).

Specially designed courses to enable students reach their chosen goals
(conversational fluency, or passing the TOEFL, TOEIC, SAT,IELTS)
Combined and integrated years of professional teaching experience
Fun and effective virtual learning programs
Personal one-on-one tutoring and weekly progress report
Language exchange through off-site practical exercises
Great variety of socio-cultural activities and weekend excursions
Textbooks used are from the best internationally-recognized publishers
Unique and stimulating supplementary teaching materials specially written and developed by dedicated professionals.
State-of-the-art facilities
Free Internet access through our computers and wireless connection

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