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Location: Calle Recaredo 12 3ºD, Seville, Andalucia, 41003, Spain
Phone: +34 954532153
StudyCELTA offers the Cambridge University ESOL CELTA Certificate and DELTA Diploma courses in Seville, Spain, all-year round. Full-time intensive courses.

CELTA is the most widely recognised initial qualification for those wishing to start a career in ELT (English Language Teaching) and the minimum required qualification for most serious ELT schools. CELTA is designed for those with no previous ELT experience, or those with some limited experience who feel the need for formal training, new ideas and an approved certificate. It is intended for native English speakers, or non-natives of near-native proficiency.

CELTA is a highly practical course which provides initial training in English language teaching to Adults. Successful CELTA candidates will gain a thorough basic grounding in all areas of modern ELT. It aims at laying a firm foundation on which a teacher can build with experience. The course combines classroom methodology and grounding in language and learning issues with guided and assessed teaching practice. It presents a view of the principles underlying language teaching and deals extensively with the analysis of English from a learner's perspective.

CELTA courses in Seville are full-time 4-week intensive courses of approximately 126 hours, of a very 'hands on' nature, complying fully with the UCLES guidelines and syllabus. You will be teaching from day 2 of the course.

The CELTA demands a great deal of work, both during and after course hours, so you should not take on other work during this time

DELTA Assessment
There are 3 assessment components in the New Modular DELTA:

* The Written Examination (Module 1)
* Course work (Module 2)
* The Extended Assignment (Module 3)

DELTA Modules

Each Module receives a separate certificate from Cambridge University. There is the overall University of Cambridge DELTA Diploma for those candidates who complete all three Modules successfully.

The Training Center in Seville offers preparation for all three modules. You can enrol for all three modules, or take just one or two at a time.


Module One is assessed via the Written Examination. This consists of 2 papers on the same day of 1 hour 30 minutes each, with a 30 minute break between. The Written Examination tests:

your knowledge of ELT terminology and key methodological issues
the purpose and pedagogy of ELT materials and tests
your ability to analyse authentic text and learner language


Module Two is assessed via the following Course Work components:

2 assessed ‘Language Systems’ assignments (grammar, lexis, pronunciation or discourse)

2 assessed ‘Language Skills’ assignments (speaking, writing, reading or listening)
For each Systems of Skills assignment you will write a 2,500-word background essay exploring both theory and practice and plan and execute a related lesson. Three of these assignments are internally assessed and one is your final ‘external’ assessment at our centre, with a Cambridge approved external assessor.

A two-part ‘Professional Development Assignment’ (PDA). Part 1 is a critical appraisal of the development of your teaching practice during the course. Part 2 is a practical ‘experiment’ with a teaching approach or technique which is new to you


Module Three is assessed via a 4000-4500 word Extended Assignment based on your chosen specialisation. It is supervised by the course tutors but marked externally.

Each Module receives a separate certificate. There is also an overall DELTA Certificate for those candidates who complete all three Modules successfully.
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