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Location: Paseo de las delicias, 1, Seville, Spain, 41001, Spain

TEFL Course in Seville. Teach English worlwide thanks to the EDI accredited Tefl Course in Seville. Job offer after the completion of the course.

Finally, TEFL Certificate accredited from the British EDI!! If you are looking for the quality, the professional promotion and traveling the world teaching English, gaining the experience of traveling abroad and understanding other cultures ….All this with an exclusive price, this is your opportunity! Come and get TEFL (EDI accredited) in Seville, the heart of Andalucía, Spain.

Our course is different and unique! We are partners with the well known British organization London Teacher Training College. Our TEFL Certificate is accredited from the famous British EDI group.

The course is celebrated in the heart of Andalucía, Seville. It is for a month. After you finish the course you get your TEFL Certificate + assistance and advice to find jobs easily worldwide.

Our prices are exclusive! Although our TEFL course is more recognized worldwide, we offer the course with fewer prices than the normal TEFL courses.

The course is for 1200 Euros +300 Euros (for the whole month) accommodation. If you could bring 4 of your friends with you, each of you will pay even less price (1100euros only).

For those who would join the course in the first couple of months, you’ll get a Spanish course for free! Plus, you can choose the month of the year that’s most convenient for you!

No better opportunity. Register your name as soon as you can to guarantee a place in the month you prefer.

Wish you the best of luck!

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