Scarborough International School

Location: 37 Stepney Road, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO12 5BN, England, UK

Scarborough International School of English was established in 1968 and is situated in the beautiful seaside town of Scarborough on the North Yorkshire coast, close to the North York Moors National Park.

Scarborough International School of English has been welcoming students from around the world for over 40 years. The school was one of the first English language schools in the UK to be recognised by the British Council. To this day we follow the strict codes of practice of The British Council and of English UK. We are family-owned and take pride in offering a caring and friendly service to our students.

The original school, an attractive 19th century building, is ideally located within a 10 minute walk of the town centre. There are many attractions nearby, including the world famous Stephen Joseph Theatre and Europes largest Open Air Theatre. Scarborough has two beautiful beaches, an ancient castle and many lovely parks and gardens. The town also has good rail and road links to all major airports.

- Qualified, friendly and caring staff
- Professionally-delivered courses
- Well-equipped learning facilities
- A full range of extra-curricular activities
- Summer vacation courses offering first class facilities

We care deeply about each individual student and are committed to providing a safe environment in which to study; especially important is safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. All of our students are issued with an ID Card giving the school's emergency contact number and can contact a member of staff directly 24 hours a day. The school has a detailed Safeguarding Policy to which all members of staff must strictly adhere.
We welcome everyone - from children too young for full time study to senior citizens learning English for leisure purposes. Indeed we often have entire families coming to study! We offer courses to suit all needs from General English to highly specific one-to-one programmes for business people or professionals in different disciplines.

Because we care about our students we are committed to ensuring that our teachers are passionate about English language learning. We work constantly to improve our programmes and aim to be excellent in our teaching. All of our teachers are native English speakers with professional English teacher training. They are friendly and available to help both in person and online via the school's page on social networking sites.

Accommodation is a very significant part of a student's overall stay in Britain which is why we take great care when arranging or recommending accommodation for our students. The vast majority of our students choose Homestay Accommodation for the insight it gives into the British way of life, the comfortable and friendly environment it offers and, of course, the benefits of being able to continually practise the English skills developed at school in real life situations. Particular attention is paid to making sure that as well as making progress in their classes students are happy with their homestay accommodation!
There are numerous advantages to staying in Homestay Accommodation. You will be treated as a member of the family and will have the opportunity to experience British culture first hand. However, we understand that some students may wish to be more independent and stay in private accommodation. As Scarborough is an extremely popular destination for tourists there is a vast range of accommodation choices to suit individual tastes and budgets.

Learning English successfully is not only dependent on taking lessons in a formal classroom setting, it is also about using the language to communicate in real life situations. This is why our social programme is such an integral part of our courses and educational philosophy.
Our vacation courses include a scheduled social programme, incorporating all-day excursions and afternoon/evening social events and activities, while an optional social programme is organised as a component of our other courses.

General English: General English course, 20 hours per week, age: 16+, available from Jan to mid-Dec
Intensive General English: General English course, 28 hours per week, age: 16+, available from Jan to mid-Dec
Intensive IELTS Exam preparation: General English + IELTS exam preparation, 28 hours per week, age: 16+, available from Jan to mid-Dec
Intensive Business English: General English + Business English 1:1, 28 hours per week, age: 18+, available from Jan to mid-Dec
Intensive Combination: General English + English for specific purposes 1:1, 28 hours per week, age: 16+, available from Jan to mid-Dec
Adult Vacation: General English course, 22 hours per week + a full day excursion, age: 18+, available in April & from Jun to Aug
Teen Vacation: General English course, 16 hours per week + a full day excursion, age: 13 to 17, available in April & from Jun to Aug
Junior Vacation: General English course, 16 hours per week + a full day excursion, age: 7 to 12, available in April & from Jun to Aug
1:1 English for Specific Purposes: English to suit your needs, minimum 2 hours per week, all ages, available from Jan to mid-Dec
CLIL School Group: School subjects studied through the medium of English, 20 hours per week, age: 13 - 19, available from Sept to May
Day care for children aged 0 to 6 years: Nursery provision for the younger members of the family, 45 hours is typical, but available daily between 7am – 9pm, age: under 7s, available from Jan to mid-Dec

Scarborough International School of English places great importance on all students reaching successful learning outcomes. We aim to foster understanding between students, their hosts and the local community in Scarborough and to develop the school to the benefit of its students, agents and staff.
We set high standards for quality and performance and we pledge:
- To employ qualified, professional, friendly and caring teachers.
- To use a wide variety of teaching techniques and the latest technology to meet the different learning styles of our diverse student population.
- To provide a comfortable and safe environment in which our students can progress in learning and enjoy socialising.
- To constantly strive to improve our programmes.

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