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NHC School of Teacher Training

Location: SUITE B, 29 HARLEY STREET, LONDON, W1G 9QR UNITED KINGDOM, london, north london, W1G 9QR, England, UK
Phone: 0044 2081 33 2793
Arrays of affordable online TEFL certificates and TESOL Diplomas for native and non-native speakers are available at Notting Hill College School of Teacher Training.

Notting Hill College school of Teacher Training designs and delivers training sessions, courses and workshops that fulfill market needs. The courses are tailored to help educational professionals reach their potential, refine their skills and move forward with their career. Our TEFL Certificates, Courses and Workshops as well as our TESOL Diploma assist individuals and organisations in attaining their professional goals. Notting Hill College is a member of UK Registered Learning Providers Number 10028428.

Notting Hill College is a member of the international community. We pride ourselves on being a member of different international associations: BILD - The British Institute for Learning and Development; USDLA - United States Distance Learning Association; and the IATEFL - the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language.

Education at Notting Hill College has global respect and a well-deserved reputation for its quality and high standards. It's Learning System not only enables learners to gain an internationally renowned education, but also boosts their career prospects and earnings' potential when their studies are completed.

NHC Mission Statement
To train both native and non-native speakers to teach English worldwide and to provide educational services based on global market needs.

Notting Hill College Teacher Training programme will accomplish this mission by:

* Providing trainees with practical and applicable ideas.
* Introducing trainees to a variety of teaching methods and techniques.
* Giving them the tools essential to meet and exceed the requirements of the EFL job market.
* Through the College's site and its network of franchisees, full support, advice and guidance are given to our students.

Objectives of NHC School of Teacher Training
* Our goal is to assist suitably qualified people gain the updated knowledge and skills they require to fulfil their potential, using the latest and most efficient methods possible.
* The college’s student-centred syllabus aims to assist students gain the maximum qualifications they are capable of achieving.
* At all times, the standard of our vocational qualifications shall not be compromised.

Notting Hill College Courses

NHC presents a full range of teacher training programmes that address the practical and theoretical needs of both novice and experienced teachers. The courses vary in duration, study method and price. All of the courses use the same core materials. Course qualifications vary from diploma level to certificate level.
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