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Rennert Miami

Location: 560 Lincoln Road, 4th Floor, South Beach Miami, Florida, 33139, USA
Phone: 305-400-4500
Learn English in the heart of South Beach at Rennert Miami. Enjoy the smallest classes, teacher-led excursions, and world-class service all within steps of the finest dinning and beaches Miami has to offer.

Founded in 1973, Rennert International is an independently owned and operated language center with locations in New York City and Miami Beach. Our school in Miami, the newer of the two locations, is located on Lincoln Road in the heart of Miami. The school offers a wide range of courses, activities, and other offerings to help students of all backgrounds achieve their academic, artistic, and personal goals.

Miami Beach is increasingly becoming a cultural and culinary capital of the US, and Lincoln Road is the heart of this movement: brimming with shops, restaurants, cafés, bars and more, Lincoln Road is a lively destination at all times of the day and is just 5 minutes from Miami’s famous beaches. Here at Rennert Miami, our course offerings and activities both take advantage of our amazing surroundings.

In addition to a wide range of English and Test Preparation courses—such as General English, Business & Professional English, TOEFL and Cambridge Preparation courses, etc.—Rennert Miami offers classes that take advantage of the location and culture, such as English + Surfing, English + Scuba, and English + Salsa Dancing. After class, students are encouraged to join our teacher-led activities, examples of which include beach volleyball, Everglade tours, day cruises, trips to Disney World, and more.

In our classes, Rennert teachers employ the Communicative Method of teaching, a method pioneered in part by our founder and owner Mr. César Rennert. This method of teaching emphasizes the oral communication skills—speaking and listening—by encouraging students to speak as much as possible in their classes. Students further develop meaningful relationships with their teachers through our weekly progress report meeting structure.

Outside of classes, Rennert Miami offers accommodations in apartments, homestays, and hostel hotels. All locations are carefully selected, and our full-time Housing Coordinator is available to all students for any question or request related to students' stay.

Last year Rennert welcomed over 40 nationalities to our Miami School, with the most populous nationalities being Brazilian, German, Italian, Swiss, and French.

Rennert is a place where students from all background with any goal can find the resources and assistance they need to explore, discover, and grow. We’re excited to welcome you hear and we look forward to speaking soon!
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