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Sierra International College

Location: 2064 Marengo St., Los Angeles, CA, 90033, USA

Phone: 323)225-1200

Sierra International College is committed to helping international students achieve their educational goals in the United States. Our school developed our English program to create a comfortable and friendly learning atmosphere.

We offer ESL programs of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced English courses. Each level has classes in pronunciation, reading, writing, grammar, listening and oral communication.

Our unique methodology incorporates practical conversation, grammar, reading, writing, and pronunciation in all levels.

We use carefully selected and up-to-date textbooks, DVD, internet and other media as well as many different types of conversational activities to create a fun and easy English learning environment. Our experienced teachers create an English-speaking-only class right from the first day.

Spoken English is our focus in all levels from Basic to Advanced. Writing and reading skills are also an important part of our English program. After completing the basic levels, students are able to speak about their personal lives, as well as the places and activities they are familiar with. In the intermediate levels, the students are now able to express opinions and thoughts - more easily incorporating commonly used idioms. The students in our advanced levels have the opportunity to expand their vocabulary and practice their conversation with up-to-date and realistic themes.

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