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UESL Program, Central Washington University

Location: Ellensburg, Washington, USA
Phone: 509-963-1375
Year-round academic preparation. Conditional undergraduate admission. UESL recommendation = TOEFL score. Experienced, professional teachers. Safe, friendly; only 90 minutes from Seattle area.

The UESL Program offers year-round intensive English classes to prepare international students for academic work at US universities/colleges and for business or education at home. Faculty members all have master's degrees in teaching English and more than 10 years of experience. In addition to the core skills classes, the program has many interesting elective courses: TOEFL Preparation, Volunteering in America, Business, Film-making, Living in the USA and Creative Writing. Outside-class activities include Conversation Partners/Groups, Welcome Parties, field trips, and International Club.

. Central Washington University is located in the beautiful, safe university town of Ellensburg. The spacious campus is friendly and has many facilities: computer labs, a Fitness Center, swimming pool, tennis courts, and Student Center. Outdoor recreational opportunities include river rafting, hiking, skiing and snowboarding.

. With more than 8,000 students, CWU's most popular majors are education, business, accounting and music. Graduate degrees are offered in 30 areas.

. Surrounded by hills, filled with trees, and located near two rivers, Ellensburg and CWU are filled with natural beauty.

. There are two major Ellensburg events every year: The Jazz in the Valley Festival and the Kittitas County Rodeo and Fair.
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