Julian Assange Vocabulary Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests some of the vocabulary covered in You Saved Julian Assange (listen) by Chris Hedges.

Ecuadorean Embassy in London, August 2012

1. If the charge against Julian Assange was bogus, it was

very serious
trumped up
a) very serious b) trumped up c) political

2. If someone is a political refugee looking for protection, a sympathetic state may grant them political

a) asylum b) citizenship c) status

3. If a US government agency discussed assassinating Assange, they likely wanted to

kill him
kidnap him
release him
a) kill him b) kidnap him c) release him

4. If you are isolated in a prison cell totally alone, you are in

single occupancy
single confinement
solitary confinement
a) single occupancy b) single confinement c) solitary confinement

5. You are most likely to be given a fair sentence during a

judicial pantomime
judicial farce
judicial trial
a) judicial pantomime b) judicial farce c) judicial trial

6. Spying on the public by a government is state

a) surveillance b) taxation c) plagiarism

7. Wholesale surveillance is seen by some as a prerequisite of state

a) centralisation b) totalitarianism c) assistance

8. Something that foretells the coming of something else is

a harbinger
safe harbour
a social trend
a) a harbinger b) safe harbour c) social trend

9. Before Belmarsh prison, Julian Assange spent seven years trapped in London inside

Heathrow Airport
the Spanish Embassy
the Ecuadorean Embassy
a) Heathrow Airport b) the Spanish Embassy c) the Ecuadorean Embassy

10. According to the writer Chris Hedges, by releasing Assange under a plea deal Britain and the USA

did the right thing
pardoned Assange
a) did the right thing b) surrendered c) pardoned Assange

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