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GrammarWelcome to EnglishClub Grammar - a complete guide to grammar for lovers of English. Many of these pages also have tests to help check your understanding. If you still have questions, feel free to ask at our Grammar Help Desk.

grammar (noun): the structure and system of a language, or of languages in general, usually considered to consist of syntax and morphology

What is Grammar?

Basic Grammar Rules

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English Grammar Terms

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Word-level Grammar

The 9 English Parts of Speech

These are the words that you use to make a sentence. There are 9 word classes, and the most important is the Verb.

Verbs and Verb Tenses
Many English verbs are action words, expressing what is happening (do, work). Some verbs are state words, expressing a situation (be, have).

Nouns represent people (teacher, Mary), places (town, Asia) and things (table, music).

An adjective is a word that tells us more about a noun (big, red, expensive).

An adverb tells us more about a verb, an adjective or another adverb (loudly, very).

Determiners are words like the, an, this that come at the beginning of a noun phrase.

A preposition expresses the relationship of a noun or pronoun to another word (at, in, on, from).

Pronouns are small words like you, ours, some that can take the place of a noun.

Conjunctions join two parts of a sentence (and, but, though).

Interjections are short exclamations with no real grammatical value (ah, dear, er, um).

Sentence-level Grammar

The five main types of phrase in English. With quiz

What is a Sentence?
When is a sentence not a sentence? With quiz

Sentence Structure
Simple, compound, complex and compound-complex sentences. With quiz

Linking, Intransitive and Transitive Verbs
To understand sentence construction, it helps to know about these verbs. With quiz

Direct Object
The direct object receives the action of the verb directly. With quiz

Indirect Object
The indirect object receives the direct object. With quiz

Reported Speech
Here is the structure that we use to "report" what another person has said. With quiz

Parenthetical Expression
Words added to a sentence without changing its meaning or grammar. With quiz

Grammatical Category
Including number, case, gender, tense, aspect etc. With quiz

Grammar Theory

Universal Grammar audio icon
The idea that the ability to learn a language is built into the human brain