Comparative Adjectives Quiz

You can do this grammar quiz online or print it on paper. It tests what you learned on the Comparative Adjectives page.

1. Comparative adjectives are used when comparing _______ things, people or groups.

two or more
three or more
a) two b) two or more c) three or more

2. Which is the comparative form? "I'm strong, but my brother is _______ ."

as strong
a) strongest b) stronger c) as strong

3. Many adjectives are changed into the comparative form by adding

a) -er b) -est c) -ies

4. Which is the correct comparative form? "My phone's expensive, but Joe's is _______ ."

most expensive
more expensive
a) expensiver b) most expensive c) more expensive

5. A long adjective of 3 or more syllables is changed into a comparative adjective by

adding -er to it
adding -est to it
putting "more" before it
a) adding -er to it b) adding -est to it c) putting "more" before it

6. Which is correct? "Do you think Maria is _______ than Selena?"

more pretty
more prettier
a) prettier b) more pretty c) more prettier

7. Which is not a comparative form of the adjective "clever"?

more clever
a) cleverer b) cleverrer c) more clever

8. Which is correct? "English is _______ Japanese."

more easy
easier than
a) easier b) more easy c) easier than

9. Which is correct? "This year the weather is ______ than last year."

a) badder b) worse c) worser

10. Which is comparative? "Whose English is _______? Mine or his?"

a) good b) better c) best

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