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Adjective Gradability Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. I am a) virtually b) a little c) very happy to see you.
2. The cat was a) extremely b) fairly c) completely dead when the vet arrived.
3. To make tea, the water should be a) slightly b) - c) very boiling.
4. Well done! Your homework is a) very b) - c) almost excellent.
5. Don't see that film! It's a) absolutely b) nearly c) extremely awful!
6. The a) completely b) extremely c) very terrified people ran for their lives.
7. I am reading a a) nearly b) completely c) - good book.
8. Are you sure? / Yes, I'm a) nearly b) quite c) intensely certain.
9. It's a) quite b) really c) fairly cold outside. In fact, it's nearly freezing.
10. The world is in a a) - b) very c) reasonably ridiculous situation. I laugh so much!