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Adverbs of Frequency Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. Andrea lives next door so we a) never b) often c) rarely see her.
2. Nancy and I [30%] a) never b) frequently c) occasionally go out for coffee together.
3. We meet a) never b) every day c) yearly at the Annual General Meeting.
4. My doctor a) yearly checks my health b) checks yearly my health c) checks my health yearly.
5. It [0%] a) never b) sometimes c) rarely rains here in the summer.
6. a) Sometimes b) Never c) Rarely we take the dog off his leash at the beach.
7. My sister a) often has missed b) has missed often c) has often missed two days of school in a row.
8. My boyfriend and I take vacations together quite a) never b) hardly c) frequently.
9. Andy [10%] a) very frequently b) very rarely c) very often gets to visit with his cousins.
10. I a) never went to college b) went never to college c) went to college never.