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Determiners Quiz

This online quiz is based on the determiners lessons.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. Lisa saw a) a b) an c) the shooting star yesterday.
2. Don't look directly at a) a b) an c) the sun.
3. Is there any milk left in a) a b) an c) the fridge?
4. I need to pack a) a b) an c) the apple for my lunch.
5. The dogs were a) each b) any c) every given a bone.
6. The police spoke separately to a) every b) each c) some suspect.
7. She was wearing a bracelet on a) each b) any c) every wrist.
8. She got her license without a) some b) any c) every problems.
9. He went with a) his both b) both his c) two his younger sisters.
10. I always keep a) any b) every c) some money in my wallet for emergencies.