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ZERO Article


Sometimes it is possible to have a noun phrase with NO article—the so-called "ZERO article".

I need a bowl of rice. ← indefinite article

I like the rice in this restaurant. ← definite article

I eat rice every day. ← ZERO article

The ZERO article usually occurs in the following cases:

ZERO Article with Plural and Uncountable Nouns

General meaning

Abstract nouns

ZERO Article with Singular Countable Nouns


People: Mary, Bill, Josef

Places: Jupiter, Russia, Bangkok, Heathrow Airport, Cambridge University, Waterloo Station

Streets: Oxford Street, Wall Street, Picadilly Circus

Languages: English, Russian

Academic subjects: History, Law, Physics

Days, months: Monday, November

Games and Sports


Noun + Number

Routine Places

Movement or Transport

Newspaper Headlines, Notices, User Guides

Example Sentences

Here are some example sentences showing the ZERO article in context.

The ZERO Article is sometimes also called the ZERO Determiner.

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