Interjections Quiz

You can do this grammar quiz online or print it on paper. It tests what you learned on the page about Interjections

1. An interjection is a part-of-speech that directly expresses

an opinion or idea
a feeling or emotion
a) an opinion or idea b) a feeling or emotion

2. Most interjections are short words or short

a) phrases b) statements

3. Which list contains one-word interjections?

Hey! Oh! Mmm, Ouch!
When? Now! Really? Sure
a) Hey! Oh! Umm, Ouch! b) When? Now! Really? Sure

4. Which list contains two-word interjections?

Stop it! Let's go! Come here!
My God! On, no! Bloody hell!
a) Stop it! Let's go! Come here! b) My God! On, no! Bloody hell!

5. Interjections often stand alone. They are often

part of a sentence
not part of a sentence
a) part of a sentence b) not part of a sentence

6. Which interjection would you use if you felt a sudden pain?

a) Ouch! b) Umm...

7. True or false? "Interjections are often used by novelists when writing spoken language."

a) True b) False

8. Which interjections can mean the speaker is thinking of what to say next?

Aha, O.K., Hey!
Well, Umm, Er...
a) Aha, O.K., Hey! b) Well, Umm, Er...

9. If someone shouts "Wow!", they're probably feeling

shock or anger
surprise or excitement
a) shock or anger b) surprise or excitement

10. In written English, which is used more often after an interjection?

an exclamation mark
a question mark
a) an exclamation mark b) a question mark

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