Compound Nouns Quiz

You can do this grammar quiz online or print it on paper. It tests what you learned on the Compound Nouns page.

Using compound nouns, can you shorten the following phrases?

1. a room for stores

a storeroom
a storesroom
a) a storeroom b) a storesroom

2. a tape for measuring up to 300 cms

a 300-cm tape measure
a 300-cm measure tape
a) a 300-cm tape measure b) a 300-cm measure tape

3. the assistant manager of the restaurant

the assistant manager restaurant
the assistant restaurant manager
a) the assistant manager restaurant b) the assistant restaurant manager

4. a station for express trains

an express-train station
a train-station express
a) an express-train station b) a train-station express

5. size of cables

cables size
cable size
a) cables size b) cable size

6. reduction in cost

reduction cost
cost reduction
a) reduction cost b) cost reduction

7. two periods of three months

two three-month periods
three two-month periods
a) two three-month periods b) three two-month periods

8. plugs with 3 pins

3-pin plugs
3-plug pins
a) 3-pin plugs b) 3-plug pins

9. two steel boxes for tools

two steel-tool boxes
two steel toolboxes
a) two steel-tool boxes b) two steel toolboxes

10. the husband of my daughter

my husband-in-law
my son-in-law
a) my husband-in-law b) my son-in-law

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